The InnoGain Channel Former is a substitute for conventional starter box systems for both horizontal and vertical use. This creates a series of profiled holes for connecting reinforcement bars and fixing new concrete panels against precast concrete units. Once formed, rebars in any required pattern are installed with an approved resin to provide a bond as secure as conventional systems. Importantly, the profiled holes are anti-tapered which increases the pull out load.

Available in a choice of systems designed for use with timber (InnoGain CF) or metal (InnoGain C) formwork, InnoGain Channel offers a flexible alternative to traditional methods.

Both InnoGain C and InnoGain CF are used in conjunction with a combination of InnoGain MGMs (Mini Gate Makers) to form the holes in concrete and InnoGain MBs (Mini Blocks) to plug the Channel Former where holes are not created.

From a purchasing perspective, the InnoGain system should be configured according to the number of holes which need to be created in each rebar channel. For advice on configuration, please contact the InnoGain technical team.