InnoGain is a revolutionary new and patented product which enables the creation of holes in concrete without the need for drilling. Cast direct into concrete to make precise and accurate holes which are consistent in depth and diameter, the InnoGain range provides access to a range of solutions for cast-on-site and pre-cast applications.

By removing the requirement to drill on-site, InnoGain delivers far reaching health and safety benefits. Commercially, InnoGain can typically be used up to 100 times which means the total cost to create a hole is substantially more cost effective than traditional methods while environmentally it minimises concrete wastage and reduces the volume of concrete needed in a structure where holes are required.

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland through SIG Performance Technology, InnoGain is underpinned by an expert technical team able to advise on a shift in on-site and pre-cast processes that will enable contractors and manufacturers to realise the time, commercial and health and safety benefits which this innovative solution will deliver.