A wHOLE new approach

Radically changing the way that holes are made in concrete, InnoGain is a revolutionary solution for through, anchor and precision hole making. By casting InnoGain products directly into concrete, consistency of depth and diameter is guaranteed… and by removing the need to drill on-site, the health and safety advantages are far reaching.

No more dust. No more vibration risk. Just perfectly formed holes at a significantly reduced cost.

A wHOLE lot better for the environment

Supporting the sustainable agenda in construction, InnoGain minimises the waste which is traditionally produced on-site from drilling holes in concrete and at the same time reduces the volume of concrete required in manufacture.

With less wastage all round and a huge reduction in cartaway, InnoGain delivers an environmentally sound solution which helps to reduce carbon footprint and supports a greener approach to building methods. And as a recyclable product which can typically be used up to 100 times, InnoGain is the sustainable solution that keeps on giving.