InnoGain offers a 3D System that completely removes the need to drill holes in concrete for anchoring. A choice of systems accommodates the use of both a timber wooden box (which is used in conjunction with a screwplate) and a steel box, where the InnoGain holder is supplied in a magnetic form.

Whether the 3D System is being used with timber or metal, the installation process is the same. A profiled MGM (Mini Gate Maker) product is pushed into the holder to precision form a hole with an exact diameter and depth. The hole profile is anti-tapered to increase the pull-out load.

After the concrete is cured, the MGM can easily be pulled out of the concrete by hand, with no need for specialist tools. The holder remains on the formwork ready for the next pour. At this point the MGM is simply placed back in the holder and through the formwork.

This drill-free process is clean and dust-free which means glue can later be adhered to the profiled hole perfectly. As compared with the use of steel screw sleeves and anchor rails, the InnoGain 3D System provides significant savings both in terms of time and cost.